Christmas 2020
Thanks partners!

Max 10%

We offer all our partners an annual turnover-dependent bonus. You will receive a credit note at the end of the year from as little as 500 euros turnover. With a higher turnover you will also receive a higher percentage discount. From a turnover of 5000 euros you will receive the maximum bonus discount of 10%, provided that the payments are made on time. 

This way you can make an extra 10% margin!

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Luxury straps

During the Christmas period you probably have a primary eye for the sale of watches and jewelry. However, a watch strap can also be a nice gift. A luxury watch strap is a perfect gift, especially at Christmas. 

Moreover, we offer a wide choice in color, type of leather, size and price. With our range you can help every customer.

New sales rep

As of January 1, a new sales person / advisor is affiliated with bbs.

Cas has been working in the south of the Netherlands for several months as part of an induction process. With immediate effect, Cas is responsible for all relations in the south of the Netherlands. 

For an appointment, you can reach Cas via

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Smart Watches for everybody
Full option smart watches starting at € 99