More and easier in 2020

More and easier in 2020

Where others confront you with a price raise, BBS is trying to do everything to get your margin as high as possible. We found a way to do that. Check it out below.

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New web site

Check out this new web site en enjoy the better speed and easier menu structure under "shop". Enjoy the full possibilities and take a moment to read "Code explained" in the top menu bar. Please feel free to give us feedback on our contact page.

Margin 3 or 3.3!

Where our competitors come with price raises and making your margin smaller, we found a way to increase your margin. Use the option in your shop software to automatically re-order. Save time and money. We will all benefit!

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Odoo • Image and Text

Use a scanner

With the option "quick order" from the top-menu, it's really easy to quickly re-order the straps you sold. Simply save your labels and scan when you think it's time to do so. Small orders and high frequency is better for your business. No missing straps and no peaks in your invoices. 

Would you like to use a barcode scanner provided by us? We have them available for you. Just drop us a mail if you are interested. Request a scanner here.


Production flow
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